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May drag queens have the final say on being gay and Chick-fil-A? [VIDEO]

Ah, art. For when regular words can’t even come close to expressing the whole. If you are a Christian who is offended by the video below, all I can say (and apologize for saying; I certainly grok the obnoxiousness of such a prescription) is please get out of the house more often. [Read more…]

Franklin Graham of Samaritan’s Purse: “Reject gays and eat at Chick-fil-A.”

I’ve been ignoring the whole Chick-fil-A thing because there’s only so much stupid a person can absorb before having to whang themselves on the head with a hammer. (And also because I loathe businesses founded upon the idea that illiteracy is charming.) [Read more…]

Jesus Christ and Your Inner Loser [Podcast]

Sorry it’s been a couple of weeks since putting up my last podcast; I’ve had this unbelievably nasty chest cold I thought it best to keep out of your ear. Anyway, here’s my latest. It’s about the idea that there was a whole other reason Jesus was drawn to outcasts and misfits that’s got nothing [Read More…]

You complimentary commenters on comments

So this is just a quick note of thanks to you who sometimes take the time to let people who have commented on my blog know that someone out there has actually heard them by replying to their comment. The fact that you guys do that as often as you do means a great deal [Read More…]

“Does my signed pledge make me a traitor to the LGBT cause?” asks a Christian college professor

Dear John Shore, It’s taken me forever to write this, because it will reveal me to be a whiny, privileged, guilt-ridden wimp. But I’m writing it anyway. I guess because I’m such a wimp I can’t even stand up to my desire to not be revealed as a wimp. Go figure. [Read more…]

The Bible and sex addiction

Occasioned by two comments he left on my blog, we last time discussed Chad Holtz’s recent return from Pure Life Ministries, where he had gone to live for seven months in order to be healed from his sexual addiction. I find there are just a couple of things I want to say on this matter [Read More…]

Chad Holtz now believes in hell. As to homosexuality . . . ?

Yesterday Chad Holtz left a comment to a post of mine from May 2011, What Jesus Really Meant by the Story of Lazarus, in which I suggest that the parable is not, as it’s traditionally accepted to be, intended as a lesson about the reality of a literal hell, but rather as a lesson about [Read More…]

Married fundamentalist Christian out of the closet at 40

Hi John – Though I live in New Jersey and work in New York City, I’m just now writing you from Lynchburg, Virginia. I’m visiting my four kids, who live here with their mom, who is my ex-wife. As you may know, Lynchburg is the home of Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. It’s pretty much ground [Read More…]

Pagans and heathens and goats! Oh my!

Received this letter yesterday; my response is below it. Hi John: What’s your take on the legitimacy of pagan practices and rituals: devil worship, praying to pagan gods, etc.? Do those have real effects, or has that been exaggerated by fundamental Christians? [Read more…]

El mejor razonamiento de por qué la Biblia NO condena la homosexualidad

This is the translation into Spanish of a post of mine that eventually become my post Taking God at His Word: The Bible and  Homosexuality (which is included in my book UNFAIR: Christians and the LGBT Question.) Additional Spanish translations of my articles are here. Dios no nos pide que elijamos entre compasión y fe [Read More…]