“UNFAIR: Christians and the LGBT Question” now on 4th of July sale. Because freedom. And fairness.


By way of celebrating our country, and the freedoms its brilliant Constitution guarantees to all of its citizens, I’ve cut the price of my book UNFAIR: Christians and the LGBT Question as low as Amazon will allow me:

$2.99 for the Kindle edition

$8.35 for the printed softcover

I wrote and edited UNFAIR because I knew that if I could prove that devout, emotionally mature gay Christians really and truly exist—and prove that by letting them tell their own heartbreakingly inspiring stories—then I would have the single most potent argument against the ruinous notion that being gay is an offense to God.

So I put out a call on my blog for gay Christians to send me their stories.

And boy, oh boy, did they.

And boy, oh boy, does any one of their stories obliterate the noxious notion that it’s impossible to be at once truly Christian and truly gay.

And taken altogether, as they are in this book? Well. Wall of Jericho, and all that.

Following its introduction, UNFAIR opens with my essay Taking God at His Word: The Bible and Homosexuality; following that it presents 27 of the most moving personal stories I know I’ll ever read; rounding out the book are fifteen of my most influential essays on this matter.

Happy Fourth! Let freedom ring!

(And to quickly answer a few emails I’ve recently received: I’m not gay. I’m straight. That’s not an issue. The issue is that “With liberty and justice for all” must mean all. Because anything else is unfair.)


(Hey, so early tomorrow morning my wife Cat and I are leaving for a plane flight across the country, to do … stuff that neither of us can believe we’re actually doing. In the launching of my [resurrected] newsletter that I’ll be sending out next week, I’ll be sharing what we’re doing, which is … well, bigger, by far, than anything we’ve ever done, together or separately. You can subscribe to my [free] newsletter on my website.)

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  • Lookingup73

    “And to quickly answer a few emails I’ve recently received: I’m not gay. I’m straight. That’s not an issue. The issue is that “With liberty and justice for all” must mean all.Because anything else is unfair.”

    It is amazing how people have such a hard time conceiving of a straight male being pro-gay. If one speaks positively of gays in front of a Christian, one must be gay oneself. Insane!

  • patkelly03

    I am also male and thoroughly enjoy the opposite sex. In fact I was always a bit homophobic until I produced a film titled “God’s War Against Gays”

  • http://www.enesvy.com/ Enesvy

    Done and dusted! Sending a copy to my mom. She is interested!

  • http://narmacil.wordpress.com Kagi Soracia

    Thank you, thank you, so much. I am disabled & currently have no income, so depend on gifts of friends in the form of Amazon gift cards, $15, $20, $25 now and then, and I can never make them go far enough. I have to wait for sales and things like this, and I am fervently grateful to be able to now own a copy of this book. I can urge my parents to read it and maybe, just maybe they will begin to understand. Thank you for this generous offer which indeed, just may, bring some freedom. :)

  • elephantix

    I look forward to your next book that uses personal, emotional stories to prove that devout, emotionally mature (enter sinful condition here) Christians exist, and therefore it’s okay. But really, that’s what it sounds like your whole premise is.

  • Bones

    Yes I’m sure he’ll write about people like you.

  • elephantix

    1 Tim. 1:15, right?

  • Bones

    Its interesting that you consider yourself worse than gays whom you denounce.

    Theres something weird about that.

  • elephantix

    It’s weird that you argue about the meaning of Bible verses since you find the Bible so unreliable.

  • Bones

    Well the author 1 timothy could have been gay.

    Who knows.

  • elephantix

    I actually looked forward to reading your response. It’s like I waited in line to see a fantastic sequel, expecting “The Dark Knight,” and all I got was “Dumb and Dumber To.”

    In regards to your post “Well the cast is complete with yourself and Hilariousmoss as Dumb and Dumber” let’s just say Ugh. You’re not even trying. That entry felt like The Karate Kid III.

  • Bones

    Well the cast is complete with yourself and Hilariousmoss as Dumb and Dumber.

  • Hilasmos

    More self-opinionated presupposition?

  • Bones