Knoxville Bishop Opens Inquiry Into Possible Miracle

Father Hecker - stained glass

A miracle may have occurred in the Diocese of Knoxville. Bishop Richard F. Stika, bishop of Knoxville, has launched a diocesan inquiry in the diocese of Knoxville, to determine whether a miracle has occurred through the intercession of Father Isaac Hecker, founder of the Paulist Fathers.  If it is found that a miracle has occurred, that would advance the process of declaring Father Hecker a saint. Cardinal Edward Egan, former archbishop of New York, formally opened Fr. Hecker's cause fo … [Read more...]

Congressman Chris Smith: “The American People Don’t Like Being Lied To.”

President Obama on health care - September 9, 2009

Remember President Obama, calm and confident, announcing his plan to provide health insurance for all Americans?  Lecturing you through your TV screen on September 9, 2009--wagging his finger at his critics--he emphasized his promise: "No federal dollars will be used to fund abortion, and federal conscience laws will remain in place." The President's critics warned that Americans would be forced to pay for abortion, as proscribed by the Hyde Amendment; but Obama was adamant.  In case you've f … [Read more...]

Fame, Fortune, Faith, Folly, Forgiveness: “The Song” Has All That

The Song

"I have seen all things done under the sun; all of them are meaningless." --Ecclesiastes 1:14     THE SONG, the new film from City on the Hill Productions,  is infused with Scripture--based, as it is, upon Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon. It's a contemporary retelling of Solomon's life, starring Alan Powell as aspiring singer/ songwriter Jed King.  Jed falls in love with Rose (Ali Faulkner), the daughter of a vineyard owner.  Shortly after their wedding, Jed writes a song expressing his lo … [Read more...]