Archives for May 21, 2004

“Surviving the Open Heart”

Today I'm directing you to the excellent online poetry journal DMQ Review for some truly disquieting poetry. … [Read more...]

Thank You of the Week

Linda Wagner has inspired a large crowd of writers through her work at the annual Seattle Pacific University writers' conference.She changed my life one day, in 1994, when I was working in the Humanities office at SPU. She asked if the rumors were true, that I was writing science fiction and fantasy. When I said, yes, she told me she wanted to start a reading and critique group for Christian writers of sci-fi and fantasy. That grew into a rewarding, close-knit group of writers who continued … [Read more...]

Yet Another Gaping Hole in The Da Vinci Code

"But it's fiction!" people keep saying to me, when I criticize The Da Vinci Code or Phillip Pullman's The Golden Compass. "Why are you taking it so seriously?"Because most people are inclined to find fault with Christianity, and are quick to seize upon any detail they can use in order to sound educated in their critique of the faith. Most people haven't really read the Bible, much less know anything about its history. Thus, when a conspiracy theorist like Dan Brown comes along with a novel … [Read more...]

Sticking Up for Them Cussin’ Characters

When I post a review recommending a film that includes harsh language, I almost always hear from somebody somewhere who is aghast that I, a Christian film reviewer, would approve of anything that includes profanity... … [Read more...]