Archives for July 15, 2004

Add Another Fellow to My List of Heroes

In the last month I've:read up on the life of Dana Gioia, perused his poetry, shouted "Amen!" over and over again while reading his book Can Poetry Matter?, and interviewed him twice.I've got to say that he's becoming one of my heroes. He's about as qualified an individual as you'll find on the planet to head up the National Endowment for the Arts. He's doing a fine job. … [Read more...]

More U2 Title Rumors… and Their New Album Gets Stolen!

I don't like posting rumors... unless it has to do with titles or casting, just because it's so fun to imagine and speculate and argue.Remember when we were told that the new Star Wars film was going to be called THE CREEPING FEAR?! Man, that was one of the happiest days of my life. I still have a wild, passionate, deep-down hope that this will indeed be the title of the film rather than something as boring as Birth of the Empire.Anyway... to the point... now U2 fan sites are reporting … [Read more...]

I(‘m not impressed with), Robot

I'm giving I-Robot a B-.The story is decent, focused, stronger than I expected.┬áThe film is basically a collision of Minority Report, A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), and Enemy of the State. It's not as good as any of those movies, even though its has a more solidly constructed plot than A.I., and a more satisfying conclusion than Minority Report. It doesn't hold a candle to director Alex Proyas's previous foray into science fiction, the brilliant Dark City. … [Read more...]