Archives for August 2, 2004

A letter to the folks running The Bourne Franchise

First of all, thank you for one of the summer's most enjoyable movies. The Bourne Supremacy is just the right size and shape. Spider-Man 2 runs a little long, considering the comic-book simplicity of its plot. Your film ends at just the right moment. I laughed, I cheered, I clung to my seat in order to keep from being thrown through the windshield of Bourne's car, and I applauded at your brilliant choice of bringing back that great Moby song in the end credits.Now, here are few tips for how … [Read more...]

Bono Asks, “Why Isn’t Africa on the Convention agendas?”

Bono's back, ready to attend both the Democratic and the Republican conventions, asking why in the world the Africa crisis is not listed as a subject for discussion at either one. … [Read more...]