Archives for August 5, 2004

Number of Deceits in F9/11 Climbs to 59…

...according to this Web site.Note the convenient, free, downloadable PDF version at the top of the page.Note #59... that Moore is happy to cooperate with terrorist organizations who want to promote his film.Even if only half of these stand up to scrutiny, it's hard to believe that this is the behavior of the guy who went on Bill O'Reilly's show, and called Bush a liar, then defined "liar" as someone who reports false information even if they believe what they're saying is … [Read more...]

Because you’re all wondering…

...why I didn't include Peter T. Chattaway's review of Thunderbirds in today's Christianity Today Film Forum, well... it's because I'm sloppy and forgetful, and because this week's forum took twice as long to assemble due to a suddenly flurry of new review-activity online.So, I enthusiastically do hereby present unto you the link... … [Read more...]