Archives for October 23, 2004

Election Blues

Count me among the crowd of people who wishes they could just go to sleep and wake up long after the election is over. … [Read more...]

“Lost” – I’m hooked. Are you?

Okay, I’m “out-ing” myself as a fan of the new TV series “Lost.” … [Read more...]

The Guy who Sang “I Want to Be a Clone” Now Wants to Be a Filmmaker

Do these titles set your toes a-tappin'?"I Want to Be a Clone." "Meltdown." "Hero." "Baby Doe." "On the Fritz." "This Disco (Used to be a Cute Cathedral)." "I Blew Up the Clinic Real Good." "Since I Gave Up Hope I Feel a Lot Better." "The Finish Line."Does the name Chagall Guevara mean anything to you? … [Read more...]

Go See Primer

If you haven’t seen Primer, you should. … [Read more...]

The Legend of Bono’s Lost Suitcase

Bono of the rock band U2 had a briefcase of new songs stolen from him while he was in Portland, Oregon. That was back in the early '80s.The crime is famous among fans of the band.And three years ago, when I was at the front of the Portland audience that caught U2’s first show there since the scandal, Bono addressed the crowd by saying he was in a “forgiving mood.” He got a good laugh, and then put on the greatest show I've ever seen.Guess what. … [Read more...]