Archives for October 27, 2004

Laws of sequels: Item 231a

Laws of sequels: Item 231aA sequel must introduce the father, or at least a close family relation, of one of the first film's main characters. … [Read more...]

It’s Only Fair

Having encouraged people to tear other Christian-film-reviews to pieces with their editing cutlery, I should put myself on the operating table as well. I do this to emphasize that I'm interested in better writing, not in belittling other review writers. … [Read more...]

My Star Wars Oath

I have never seen a Star Wars movie without knowing the story first.Not once.I read the novelisation before I saw Star Wars on the big screen... at seven years old.I read the classic young-readers' Star Wars "storybooks" ... those large, thin books full of movie photos ... because my family forbade me to see The Empire Strikes Back on the big screen (they were concerned about the violence and the rumor in Christian circles that all of this Force stuff was of the occult), and because … [Read more...]