Archives for November 5, 2004

The Murder of Van Gogh

Andrew Sullivan puts the spotlight on details that should not be ignored. [Update: 2004 posts by Sullivan were not archived on the site, so I'm posting it here in its entirety.] THE MURDERER OF VAN GOGH: No, I'm not letting go of this story. When a film-maker in a liberal Western country is shot, has his throat cut and then has a long manifesto pinned into his flesh with a knife in broad daylight, more people need to be concerned. Now it turns out that the murderer, who had completely blended … [Read more...]

The Incredibles: My Review and the Decent Films Review

Here's my review of The Incredibles.Here's Steven D. Greydanus's review of The Incredibles.What more do you need to know? Go see it! … [Read more...]