Archives for November 10, 2004

What the world needs now … from Michael Moore and the rest of us

Hooray for David Poland for saying what so desperately needs to be said, over there at The Hot Button. I resonate with his words about divisive behavior on both sides of the political fence, about Michael Moore, and about a need for more respect from each side for the other.I'm really sorry I missed this episode of the Bill Maher show now that I hear about THIS happening... I have been in a bit of a death match with Michael Moore in this column, on the site and on the blog over the last … [Read more...]

A Scene That’s Not in the Re-make of Alfie

From James Bowman, quoted in Amy Wellborn's blog, here's a reminder of a scene in the original Alfie that somehow didn't end up in the new re-make of Alfie. Maybe it'll show up on the DVD as a "deleted scene." We can hope... … [Read more...]

The Polar Express (2004)

This review was originally published at Christianity Today.-It the beginning of a Seattle screening of The Polar Express, when the locomotive of the title arrived in cacophonous glory, it frightened a girl—probably four years old—near the front of the theatre. She launched from her seat and fled up the aisle, her flustered mother following along. That dazzling train must have been quite a shock for the little tyke, who was probably accustomed to watching cartoons on the family tele … [Read more...]