Archives for November 13, 2004

Phillip Pullman Calls American Christians “the Mirror Image of Islamic Fundamentalists”

I consistently get emails from readers of Phillip Pullman's The Golden Compass, angry that I would dare criticize such a fine author. They argue that I'm exaggerating the anti-Christianity theme of the books. They seem to think Pullman is a man of staggering intellectual powers.Well, he does have an impressive imagination. And The Golden Compass showed he has a way with words.But it also led to sequels that exposed a blatant agenda of ridiculing and slandering Christianity as lunacy and … [Read more...]

Mojo on U2’s Atomic Bomb

from Mojo: In defiance of the burdensome weight of their own history and the lifespan of the average rock band, U2 in 2004 are rock’s only remaining superpower.Other long-lived bands continue to impress, but none come even close to matching U2’s astonishing global commercial dominance in the rock field.Of the 12 tracks here (the UK and Japanese releases have an additional track, Fast Cars) over half are instant U2 classics and the remainder are never less than very good. ‘...Atomic Bomb’ … [Read more...]