Archives for November 19, 2004

Peter T. Chattaway clobbers "Kinsey"

Mainstream reviews of Kinsey are commenting on the "hysterical, right-wing, Christian protest" of the film. … [Read more...]

More Fun with Film Review Editing!

Here are more paragraphs from recently published Christian film reviews. Get out your red pen and respond in the comments section.Remember, the goal here is to emphasize the need for better film writing, not to ridicule anybody or put down any particular online review site.The first ste of excerpts is from a new review of Sideways. I won't say who wrote it. I won't say who published it. I'll just say it proved very difficult to read because I kept wanting to wake up the editor.Here's … [Read more...]

U2 – How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

U2 begins their fourteenth album by counting to fourteen in Spanish: Uno, Dos, Tres, Catorce!!The numbers correspond to the U2 albums on which Steve Lillywhite worked as a producer. And that's only one of the ways in which How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb symbolizes the completion of U2's stylistic adventures and Bono's prodigal-son journey from innocence into darkness and back again.Granted, for the counting-theory to make sense, you have to count U2's Best-Of collections in the … [Read more...]

Sideways Should Earn Paul Giamatti Another Nomination.

I finally caught up with Alexander Payne's latest film, Sideways, tonight and liked it much, much better than his last film, About Schmidt. … [Read more...]