Archives for February 22, 2005

More Constantine ramblings up at Paste Magazine

Yet another magazine has seen fit to let me ramble on about Constantine. This time, it's Paste. … [Read more...]

Poem of the Week: by Luci Shaw

Luci Shaw's new poem, published at Books and Culture... … [Read more...]

Christianity Today’s Readers Pick… Well, Duh….

No surprise here. … [Read more...]

Ted Baehr on Ted Baehr on Ted Baehr

I got into the business of writing film reviews partly to combat the only kind of "Christian perspective on film" available to me at the time ... and that narrow, judgemental, overly legalistic, and hypocritical style is best manifested by the movie reviews at Movieguide.Most of you who have read my rants and raves over the years know my pet peeves with Movieguide. I have, in fact, been trying to go forward as though they don't exist, focusing on the brighter side of Christian engagement … [Read more...]