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Linford and Karin on The New York Daily News

My favorite album of last year, A Boot and a Shoe, was born from divorce. It was a heartbreaker.This year, what may well be my favorite album has come from a marriage that's been saved. … [Read more...]

Joke of the Day (except that it’s true)

I'm not making this up. This just happened to me.I was contacted this morning by someone who works for one of the three major news networks. They wanted me to come downtown and film a segment for a TV news talk-show addressing the question, "Is the media anti-religious?"I prepared. I pondered. I was ready.Here was the basic idea of my planned reply: "'The media (if we must use such a vast generalization, like "Hollywood" or "Democrats" or "Republicans") tends to go with whatever … [Read more...]

If You’ve Seen Born into Brothels

... then I suspect this will boggle your mind. It boggled mind. … [Read more...]

Be Cool (2005)

This review was originally published in March 2005 at Christianity Today. - Be Cool, directed by F. Gary Gray (The Italian Job), tries to strike the cocky pose of its 1995 predecessor, Barry Sonnenfeld's Get Shorty, and other show-biz satires like The Player. But above all, it alludes to Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, with its dimwitted gangsters, glamorous ne'er-do-wells, gunslinging face-offs, painful ironies, and its centerpiece John Travolta/Uma Thurman dance floor flourish.So, le … [Read more...]