Archives for March 16, 2005

2005 Film Nominations for [AFC]2… so far…

UPDATE: The currently updated list is located now at THIS post. … [Read more...]

The Lord of the Rings: The Musical

I raise my glass to The Movie Blog for the tip. … [Read more...]

The 8-disc "Infernal Affairs" DVD set!

All three Infernal Affairs movies are coming in a new boxed set. (A salute to Twitch for the news.)What's Infernal Affairs, you're asking? … [Read more...]

CT Movies getting something other than rage mail

Hooray! More who see the point and appreciate the efforts of Mark Moring and company at CT Movies! … [Read more...]

Change of plans…. No Cornerstone for me this year.

Earlier I had announced that I'd be leading seminars at Cornerstone this summer.Unfortunately, I've had to withdraw, due to some very good news that means I'll be even busier this summer.I hope to be able to share the news with you, but it could be a while in coming. … [Read more...]