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Doug Cummings on Jean Renoir’s "The River"

Peter Greenaway once said that cinema as an "art form" has yet to be established.He meant that, so far, movies aren't much more than illustrated narratives: books with moving pictures to bring the manuscripts to life.That comment has stuck with me, as I've begun to appreciate, more and more, how film can communicate through methods other than storytelling. Like the animals who respond to the beauty of the music in The Story of the Weeping Camel, I think human beings respond to imagery, … [Read more...]

"Constantine" Director Francis Lawrence should pay closer attention.

Listen to Constantine director Francis Lawrence. Mixing religious themes with a comic book sensibility, were you worried about how it might be received by the hardcore Christian audience in America? I wasn't worried. I thought it was going to be more offensive than it has been. What's been really weird is that once the movie was finished we were showing it to religious press and they've actually kind of embraced it, because they see a guy struggling with his faith and the battle between good … [Read more...]

The Worst Endings Ever

David Edelstein made me stand up and cheer with this statement: … [Read more...]

Did I mention…?

Now playing.MILLIONS."The most gleeful movie about a single-minded kid since A Christmas Story." - The Chicago ReaderGo see it. Then tell all of your friends. And take your family. … [Read more...]

Quentin Tarantino speaks: Best of 2005, and his future

"My favourite movie this year was Shaun of the Dead ... that was my favourite script this year, that was my favourite movie this year. After that I also loved The Passion of the Christ. I loved Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. I loved The Incredibles. I loved Before Sunset, alright, there was a lot of really, really terrific movies this year. There were also I couple of movies that I thought were masterpieces that haven't opened up yet. One's a Korean film, Old Boy, which is magnificent. The … [Read more...]

Film Comment Critics Agree with Christianity Today Critics for #1 Movie of 2005!!

What a strange new world I live in.The critics at Film Comment have voted Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind as the #1 film of 2005.That's the same movie voted #1 by the critics at Christianity Today!In fact, the two groups agree on FIVE of the top ten! … [Read more...]

Vatican criticizes, debunks "DaVinci Code"

The DaVinci Code, like Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials, isn't the kind of book that criticizes the Catholic Church in an acceptable manner.Many dramas have appropriately criticized the misbehaviors of priests and other church officials. But The DaVinci Code presents fundamental elements of Christian faith as conspiracies and fabrications. It presents lies as if they were historical truth. … [Read more...]

The Incredibles are, well …

The collector's edition DVD, which came out this week, is fantastic.The extras, including the short film "Jack-Jack Attack," are definitely worthwhile. (There's even an encyclopedia of other "supers," complete with audio interviews and portraits!) The special "animated" episode about Mr. Incredible and Frozone (complete with a special commentary by those two) is priceless. … [Read more...]