Archives for March 21, 2005

In My Country (2005)

This review of In My Country was originally published at Christianity Today in March 2005.-South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings deserve a film like Schindler's List or Hotel Rwanda—something that brings that historical drama to life in a way that helps us shoulder the burden of history and walk away wiser. In My Country tries to be that film, but falls short.The hearings, which started in 1996 and lasted two years, gave more than 20,000 witnesses a chance to tes … [Read more...]

Chattaway goes to a lecture by Ron Reed

What happens when a reviewer I admire goes to hear a lecture by a stage-director and film critic I admire? … [Read more...]

A shout-out to my friend Jason Bortz

Jason Bortz is a good friend, a driven and ambitious actor of stage and film, and a man with an enormous heart that would encompass Africa and its sufferings if it could.Bortz is in the news today ... in the Auburn Journal. … [Read more...]