Archives for March 22, 2005

Dick Staub’s new book: "Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters"!

My friend Dick Staub recently impressed the heck out of me all over again with his eloquence on the subject of art and faith when we joined a panel discussion for Christians in the Theatre Arts. In fact, the conversation between us, writer/actor Jeff Berryman, and actor Grant Goodeve was probably the most exciting dialogue on faith and art I've experienced. I wish I'd recorded it, because I want transcripts of everything those guys said. … [Read more...]

Overheard, while thinking of Terry Shiavo

While eating some Zeek's pizza and reading the local paper's coverage of the Terry Shiavo dilemma today, I suddenly realized what the lyrics playing on the radio were saying: No life's worth more than any other No sister worth less than any brother...somebody please send us a prayer!It's crazy, crazy We're breathing in the same air It's crazy, crazy, crazy Don't tell me that you don't care.... Well, no life's worth more than any other, unless you're on a feeding tube, apparently. … [Read more...]

Web debris: Cruise, "Sin City," Leary and Loy on Eastwood and "Closer"

So, here are a few pieces I stumbled across today...A mind-boggling update on director Todd Haynes' spectacularly weird concept for a movie about Bob Dylan. I cannot wait to see this. Haynes said he wanted to capture the many aspects of Dylan's character, and his solution was a "multiple refracted biopic" in which Dylan would be played, among others, by an 11-year-old black boy and a young white woman. I'm Not There: Suppositions on a Film Concerning Dylan, now going ahead via Paramount, … [Read more...]