Archives for May 2, 2005

Just a Few More Days of Waiting Before the Circle Becomes Complete

I have my pass to the sneak preview of Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith.I'm feeling a mix of excitement, dread, and at times a strange indifference. Somehow, I know it's not going to be all I want it to be. All I ask is that there are some memorably good surprises. And that they don't leave any confounding continuity errors. And that they let the actors act. And that the dialogue is free of any painfully bad lines. Okay, so now you can see why I'm not terribly optimistic. … [Read more...]

A Man from Madison Responds to My Review of "Madison"

From CT Movies' feedback: Your review of Madison was excellent.Why this movie was made is a mystery to me. "Miss Madison" just happened to be the winner the year the Gold Cup came to Madison [1971]. I remember sitting with a group of Hoosiers in Newport Beach, listening at the end of the event on Wide World of Sports. The announcers said it was the happiest day in the history of Madison.We all fell over in laughter.The greatest day in the history of Madison happened in 1950 during the … [Read more...]