Archives for May 13, 2005

A Sequel to "The Dark Crystal"??

Apparently so!!I would rejoice over this...I would dance with glee......if only they would tell me that the Henson studio wants to accomplish this in the same way that they accomplished the original... without digital animation. … [Read more...]

Star Wars 3: What Questions Do You Want Answered?

As you count down the days to Star Wars, Episode Three(if, indeed, you care at all)...What are you most eager to see? What questions do you most want to see answered? What problems do you most want to see fixed? What are your deepest fears about the film? What are your greatest hopes?The comments are open for you to unleash your most cynical, or your most optimistic, pleas....When the film comes out, we'll look back and see if it delivered for you.MSNBC certainly has … [Read more...]

Jonathan Rosenbaum on "Crash" and How He Rates Movies

Today, Jonathan Rosenbaum zeroes in on what drove me crazy about Crash. … [Read more...]

Letter of the Day

My comments on Islam in my Kingdom of Heaven review have been tweaked, politely and correctly (I assume), by an attentive reader. Thanks, Kurt! Clearly, I have more to learn on these subjects.... … [Read more...]