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"Don’t Come Knockin’" – Wenders and Shephard together again.

Wish I was at Cannes. Here's FilmStew's J Sperling Reich... Over 20 years after the German filmmaker collaborated with renowned playwright Sam Shepard on Paris, Texas, the two reunite for Don't Come Knocking. This time, though, Shepard actually stars in the film as well. "To have Sam in front of the camera is one of my oldest desires as a filmmaker," admitted Wenders. "This time I didn't ask and that was a sneaky thing of me. After a few scenes, he mentioned sort of casually, 'By the way, I … [Read more...]

Flush the Koran, and That’s Bigotry. Flush a Christian Sacrament, It’s Comedy.

Here's an interesting editorial by Brent Bozell: The riots caused by Newsweek's story claiming American interrogators were flushing the Koran caused many Americans to be amazed by the extreme reaction in the Islamic world. Ken Woodward, the long-time religion writer of Newsweek, tried to explain to Christians just how offensive Koran-flushing is to Muslims: "Recitation of the Koran is for Muslims much like what receiving the Eucharist is for Catholics -- a very intimate ingestion of the divine … [Read more...]

Christianity Today Book Awards 2005

The Christianity Today Book Awards 2005 heap even more praise upon Marilynne Robinson's Gilead.And they also honor Unveiling, a novel by a new friend of mine, Suzanne Wolfe, who I met at the recent Over the Rhine concert at Seattle's Tractor Tavern. Congratulations, Suzanne! … [Read more...]

Firefly fan alert: A comical testimony of the "Serenity" preview

Thanks, Prof. Rambo, for this! … [Read more...]

Anne M. Doe Overstreet Rocks the Seattle Art Museum

There's only one person in this world whose work I love so much that I actually chased her down and married her. … [Read more...]