Archives for May 23, 2005

Contactmusic reports U2 to re-record "Pop" album!

Can this be true?Personally, I like Pop the way it is. But you can bet I'd be in line on release-day to hear what the band intended the album to be. … [Read more...]

Today’s specials: Bono corrects Chicago reporter. Summertime fiction. And the man playing Orbison.

Today's specials:Greg Kot gets a memorable interview with Bono. Jonathan Rice gets cast as Roy Orbison in I Walk the Line.On my radar for summertime fiction:Freddy and Fredericka, a new novel by Mark Helprin described as a satire about a future king and queen of England slumming in the States. Od Magic, the latest from Patricia McKillip, my favorite living fantasy writer. And she's got another one coming too--Harrowing the Dragon. A Feast for Crows, by George R. R. Martin, … [Read more...]

As always, a wide range of responses…

CT Movies has updated its feedback page, and there are some interesting responses to the Kingdom of Heaven coverage.There are also the typically varied displays of enthusiasm and protest over reviews of Kicking and Screaming, Monster-in-Law, and Crash... posted 05/23/05 Regarding Kicking and Screaming, I must object to one aspect of your review that, at some level, shows a lack of respect for male sexuality. Your review mentions (with great tolerance) the crude jokes concerning male … [Read more...]

PG, PG-13, or R?

How should the MPAA distinguish between PG, PG-13, or R ratings?I find it's very easy to point out when they've done it wrong, but tough to lay out a plan for how to do it right. … [Read more...]