Archives for May 31, 2005

A Quick Prayer Request

Those of you with the time and attention to pray, I'd appreciate your prayers as Anne and I consider an offer from a publisher to bring one of my novels out of the home office and into the world.It's an exciting day. I'll report with more details when we have something certain to report. … [Read more...]

Today’s Specials: Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Howl’s Moving Castle; Christian-defamation; pirated DVD reviews

Today's specials:My Reel News at CT Movies focuses on the end of the Disney boycott, but there are a lot of other news links as well. Peter Chattaway takes a look at Mr. and Mrs Smith AND Howl's Moving Castle. Some folks who are fed up with "Christian-defamation" in Hollywood are teaming up with Ted Baehr to try and stop it. When Christians are criticized in Hollywood films, what do you think our primary response should be? To turn defensive and protest? Just curious. (Personally, I … [Read more...]