Archives for June 6, 2005

Tell us what should win in the 2005 Faith and Film Critics Circle Awards

Time to resurrect this post again. We're closing in on the year's mid-point. What have you seen that's worth remembering when the Faith and Film Critics Circle cast their votes for the best of 2005?Can you think of any suggestions we've missed that we should consider? … [Read more...]

Generation-defining Albums: What’s On the List?

A few posts ago, I asked what films could be characterized as "generation-defining" ... like Star Wars, The Matrix, and perhaps now, Napoleon Dynamite.After chatting with my longtime friend Gary Scott (church elder, moviegoer, frequent commentor) and new friend Luke Brodine (musician, ministry pioneer, U2 fan) at church, it was clear that I had to come back and expand the question.What albums would you consider "generation-defining"? … [Read more...]

J. Robert Parks on "Travelling Pants," "Mysterious Skin," and "Rock School"

J. Robert Parks checks in with three film reviews, and... lo and behold, he prefers the wide-release, mainstream film over the two art films this time!Should he seek counseling?Or is Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants really that good? … [Read more...]