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Doug Cummings on "Howl’s Moving Castle"

from filmjourney... I find the mystery in Miyazaki's films to be one of their greatest pleasures, expanding their worlds with each viewer's imagination. When I was a kid, I loved to scratch my head. Not that Miyazaki crafts puzzling films; his cinema is highly accessible and entertaining at any age, yet he's a filmmaker who also appreciates how a few unanswered questions in the right places can enrich a fantasy story. … [Read more...]

Are you a Narniac?

Today's Reel News is up, featuring your big opportunity to work for Disney for no pay, promoting a "masterpiece" that nobody's seen!P.S.Narniacs aren't the real problem. The real problem comes from nicknamaniacs who must put a label on everything and everybody. … [Read more...]

Spring cleaning

No, I haven't posted my full review of Howl's Moving Castle yet, nor have I posted any of the interviews I've been promising for so long. (The interview with producer Ralph Winter is finished, and it'll be posted at CT Movies soon.) … [Read more...]

The CT Movies mailbag: More of the same

Over on the Feedback page of Christianity Today Movies, Mark Moring has posted some more of the letters responding to the reviews there.There are some interesting reactions to Peter T. Chattaway's interview with Brian Flemming, the self-described "Christian atheist" and his claims that Jesus didn't exist. (I posted a link to this last week.)There are also some forceful reactions to reviews of Cinderella Man and The Longest Yard.Nothing terribly surprising, but as always, very … [Read more...]