Archives for July 15, 2005

Regent article on Tarkovsky’s "The Sacrifice" and Jesus

Thanks to GreenCine Daily for pointing me to this article from Regent on Tarkovsky's great film The Sacrifice as a signpost pointing to Christ the Redeemer. … [Read more...]

Wenders on "the loud and the lurid"

Thanks so much to GreenCine Daily for posting this link to Naked Punch:Wim Wenders: The loud and lurid are terribly overrated, and just because everybody seems to have accepted that they rule, some of us grudgingly - we shouldn't exclude the transcendental, the silent or the good as being part of our contemporary existence. Wings of Desire was making that point, and not, I think, by dwelling on the "art" aspects. And the way people all over the world embraced that alternative way of … [Read more...]