Archives for July 17, 2005

Whit Stillman returns!

Thanks to Adam Walter for discovering news about the next project from Whit Stillman (Metropolitan, Barcelona, The Last Days of Disco)... Jane Austen's Winchester Races!Walter also links to The Wall Street Journal's review of the new novel by Mark Helprin.Because of these fine discoveries, I'll show mercy to Mr. Walter and skip mentioning that I ever saw him carrying a stack of the Left Behind novels around.(Okay, he works at a bookstore. He was just shelving them.) … [Read more...]

Greydanus on "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

Steven D. Greydanus has posted his mixed review of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is enough to make any fan of Roald Dahl’s most beloved novel cry — with delight at all the film gets so magically right, and with frustration that in spite of that the film is still nearly ruined by Burton’s obsessions and a spectacularly miscalculated performance by star Johnny Depp.No one but Burton could possibly have so perfectly nailed Dahl’s blend of whim … [Read more...]