Archives for July 20, 2005

My thoughts on "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

After reading some early negative reviews, I was pleasantly surprised by Tim Burton's latest.It's becoming more and more clear that Burton, despite his fetish for the phantasmagoric, is not so much a storyteller as a stylist. And Charlie and the Chocolate Factory gives him a big, bold framework across which he can drape his latest outrageous decorations.It's a challenge to take a story about people who do little more than tour a building and turn it into something consistently entertaining. … [Read more...]

The Dilithium Crystals have Shattered. Mr. Scott is dead.

James Doohan is dead. Long live Scotty. … [Read more...]

"ET 2, Barrymore?

Peter Chattaway somehow came across some Google news stories about Drew Barrymore and Steven Spielberg discussing a sequel to E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial that would focus on a grown-up Gertie.I'll be shocked if it happens, and disappointed. E.T. is a perfectly complete story. It doesn't need a sequel. Spielberg's a much different person now, and I'm not sure he can write a story that takes place in that world anymore.I'm guessing this merely represents Barrymore trying to find something … [Read more...]