Archives for August 16, 2005

Dale Cooper Returning?

One can hope. … [Read more...]

Scott Derrickson interview… coming up!

I had an hour-long conversation with screenwriter and director Scott Derrickson yesterday, whose new film The Exorcism of Emily Rose looks like the most promising ... and troubling... horror film of the last few years. Derrickson has passionate opinions about the genre, and about filmmaking in general. I'll be publishing excerpts from the interview as an online exclusive for Seattle Pacific's Response magazine soon. Stay tuned...And go see The Exorcism of Emily Rose, if you have the stomach … [Read more...]

Specials: Lizz Wright! Rosenbaum on Last Days

Today's specials:I've just discovered an album that's definitely going to be on my year-end favorites list. Lizz Wright's Dreaming Wide Awake is a revelation (at least to me, I didn't hear her previous release, Salt.) Dreaming Wide Awake gives Wright's glorious, smoky, passionate vocals fantastic opportunities in covers of songs like Joe Henry's "Stop" and what may be the definitive version of Neil Young's "Old Man." Craig Street's production is so pristine, T-Bone Burnett would be … [Read more...]