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Specials: Dead Can Dance. B&C on Grimm Brothers and Donnie Darko. Dead Can Dance live.! Lanois touring. Rosenbaum on Grimm.

Today's specials:Peter T. Chattaway talks with writer/director Scott Derrickson about The Exorcism of Emily Rose. My own interview will be published at SPU's Response soon.Favorite line from a film review this week: (From the PullQuote review of Broken Flowers.) "Suffice it to say that Broken Flowers is the sort of film where, at the end, you can't believe Patricia Clarkson wasn't in it."At Books and Culture, Thomas Hibbs examines the popularity of Donnie Darko.Also … [Read more...]

What if… ?

Hmmm. If they could make Alien Versus Predator...then maybe...Stay tuned! I've seen The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and later this week I'll see Serenity. I'll have reviews of both soon, and we'll see who wins the Celebrity Death Match between two vicious female contortionists! … [Read more...]

Terry Gilliam speaks his mind.

I gotta say, I agree with Terry Gilliam, who, in spite of the mess the Weinsteins made of The Brothers Grimm, remains one of my favorite directors.Gilliam, who was J. K. Rowling's original choice to direct Harry Potter, before the studio gave it to Chris Columbus, says: "I was the perfect guy to do Harry Potter. I remember leaving the meeting, getting in my car, and driving for about two hours along Mulholland Drive just so angry. I mean, Chris Columbus' versions are terrible. Just dull. … [Read more...]

The Next Chapter

What if there as a warm, welcoming neighbohood bookstore offering a fireside reading lounge, with exceptional coffee and milkshakes and sandwiches, that featured the finest in contemporary and classic literature and downplayed the cheezy, pop-lit, flash-in-the-pan stuff,and to the childrens' reading-and-playing area... there were comfortable reading chairs arranged alongside shelves featuring the works of Thomas Merton, G.K. Chesterton, Henri Nouwen, C.S. … [Read more...]