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Time of the Wolf — DVD of the Day

I'm currently working on a manuscript about powerfully transporting films, and the chapter currently on the table is about films that explore loneliness, alienation, and division in contemporary society.Thus, I've been thinking about a lot of films, from Taxi Driver to Barton Fink to Punch-drunk Love to Last Life in the Universe. The director I can't escape is Michael Haneke, especially Code Unknown.But it didn't hit me until today that the events we're seeing unfold in what's left of … [Read more...]

New feedback at CT: Narnia

A letter worth noting at the Feedback page for Christianity Today Movies: Narnia Evangelismposted 09/02/05Your Reel News column states, "It's not surprising that believers would see [The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe] as not just mere entertainment, but as an evangelistic opportunity. "In stark contrast, C. S. Lewis' close friend Walter Hooper argues "I was worried that those who talked about 'teaching' the stories as Christian 'theology' might by such efforts frustrate the spell of … [Read more...]

Don’t forget… keep nominating your favorite 2005 films

Time to visit this link again!What's YOUR favorite film of the year so far?Mine? There are only a few candidates: Born into Brothels, Millions, 2046, Batman Begins, and Broken Flowers. Some fine films there, but I really don't think ANY of them are "film of the year" material. … [Read more...]

Specials: Proposition review. Good Night review. And more on Emily Rose.

Today's specials:GUY PEARCE GETS DUSTY A review of Nick Cave's The Proposition is up at Twitch. And it sounds like a must-see!GEORGE CLOONEY GETS ARTSY David Poland on Good Night, and Good Luck, the new film by George Clooney. He's impressed.GREYDANUS GETS JUNKETY Steven Greydanus reports from the press junket for The Exorcism of Emily Rose.DERRICKSON GETS CHATTY And Peter T. Chattaway links to his full interview with director Scott Derrickson.Did I mention how much I … [Read more...]

"Serenity": I’m not allowed to speak.

I'm not allowed to--WOOOOO HOOOO!!!!I'm not allowed to say anything along the lines of, oh, say, "Serenity is the best Star Wars film since The Empire Strikes Back."So I'll have to reserve my rave review until September 30th.But I can offer you some advice:If you want to enjoy an incredibly exciting action movie, you'd better get out and rent or purchase the Firefly DVD series and watch each episode. You won't regret it. The more you know the show, the more you'll appreciate … [Read more...]