Archives for October 7, 2005

"Lost" is truly lost

Have you been frustrated by Lost's endless parade of mysteries and loose ends?Have you tried to convince yourself that J.J. Abrams knows where it's all headed, and how all the mysteries tie together?Have you been yearning to believe it's all part of "intelligent design"?Abandon all hope.This may be nothing new to you, but it's disappointing to me. Like Alias, this show's indications that there's a grand design, meaning to the madness, now appears to be just a bunch of hooey, and … [Read more...]

U2 on Conan O’Brien

I stayed up until the wee hours to see a most bizarre spectacle... U2 on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. While it was far from a total success, the bumpy and embarrassing moments were worth it for the highs, which included performances of "All Because of You," "Original of the Species," "Stuck in a Moment," and "Vertigo" (which was cut off by the network as the show ran out of time... a painful severance indeed.)More here. And much, much more here.If you saw it, what'd you think? Did … [Read more...]