Archives for October 14, 2005

Are Audiences and Critics More Accepting of Christian Films If the Christians in Them are Black?

Are audiences and critics more accepting of Christian films if the Christians in them are black?It's an interesting question, in view of the fact that Mel Gibson (The Passion) and Scott Derrickson (The Exorcism of Emily Rose) have taken beatings in the press for their religion-oriented films... The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is under near-hysterical scrutiny from the mainstream press as some kind of Christian stealth bomb (and the evangelicals zealously mounting Bible-thumping … [Read more...]

Contest 2: Write a Looking Closer review!

The previous Looking Closer contest has wrapped up. I'll be reviewing the entries and announcing a winner on Monday. Stay tuned to see who gets the big Ben-Hur DVD release. I'll be sharing some of the entries here, in which participants shared the moments at the movies that most transformed them.Time for another contest to begin!Here's what you do:Write a "Looking Closer"-style review, no less than 500 words, no more than 1200 words, of a significant, challenging, profound work of … [Read more...]

A New James Bond

I first saw Daniel Craig giving an extraordinary lead performance in a BCC Mystery special called The Ice House almost a decade ago, where he played a cop and an alcoholic. He made his first strong big-screen impression as an assassin priest in Elisabeth, and an even stronger impression as the dangerous son of Paul Newman in The Road to Perdition.Now, he's won the dubious honor of playing James Bond.Well, for the first time, I'm actually interested in an upcoming James Bond flick. Craig … [Read more...]