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Specials: Phillip Pullman Attacks Narnia, Again. March of the Value-less Penguins

Today's specials:Once again, ladies and gentlemen, the author of The Golden Compass attacks C.S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia as "racist" and "misogynistic." If you think Pullman's accusations are interesting, wait until you read the comments following the article.UPDATE: Neb's comment in reply to this post was so good, I'll include it here in the post: Pullman amazes me yet again with his abundance of sour grapes. I've read the Narnia chronicles, and I've read the "His Dark … [Read more...]

Go see "Good Night and Good Luck"

In the best American film about telling the truth under pressure since The Insider, George Clooney proves here that he's not just another celebrity who fancies himself a director. He's in the early stages of what looks like a very impressive career, and he's obviously learned a lot about what goes on behind the cameras of great films.Good Night and Good Luck is a tightly constructed, efficient film that knows exactly what it wants to be and do, and it does it impressively.It is, in a … [Read more...]