Archives for October 17, 2005

Specials: GetReligion on a Republican Conspiracy in Narnia

It's Narnia day at Looking Closer. The first of many to come, I'm sure.Don't miss GetReligion's great blog entry on how a non-story is becoming a big story...Warning! Children reading classic books!And by the way... a follow-up note to my previous post about Philip Pullman's claim* that The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe is devoid of any Christian virtue.*(How Pullman can say that with a straight face utterly astounds me -- I've always been a bit frustrated with the overly … [Read more...]

Winners of the "Movies that Changed You" contest

This was an extremely subjective contest, and thus it was difficult to pick winners from the many honest, interesting testimonials.Some talked about how it revealed to them what art at its best can do. Some of the contributors talked about how the movie affected them emotionally. Several talked about how the film were demonstrations of scriptural principles, or how it powerfully illustrated things that they deeply believe. And movies certainly do these things. They lift up our emotions. They … [Read more...]