Archives for November 7, 2005

The Arts and Faith Top 100

Film critics and cinephiles at the Arts and Faith Conversation have revised their list of 100 Spiritually Significant Films, and the picture has changed dramatically.Michael Leary offers a fantastic commentary on the list over at The Matthews House Project.How many of the Top 100 have you seen? What inclusions are you most pleased to see there? What's missing from the list?I didn't participate in the voting for this year's list, partly out of frustration over understanding the … [Read more...]

Evangelism through fiction: WaterBrook Press offers "Dinner with a Perfect Stranger"

Christianity Today looks into a popular new book from WaterBrook Press:Dinner with a Perfect Stranger.In the past few years, fiction used as straight-up apologetics rather than literature or entertainment has gained ground in the Christian marketplace. Brian McLaren did this in A New Kind of Christian, which is less about plot than about dialogue that conveys certain theological views.Now author and speaker David Gregory uses a similar, if more succinct, device in the July release … [Read more...]