Archives for November 9, 2005

Specials: Quaid about his Christianity. Kate Bush, Paul McCartney, Over the Rhine.

Wednesday's specials:YOURS, MINE, OUR FAITH Huh. Peter T. Chattaway mentioned today that, lo and behold, Dennis Quaid's a Christian, and now I wish I'd had a different list of questions when I attended the film junket for In Good Company. He grew up Baptist, and married a Baptist girl from Texas. Whaddaya know. He has some interesting comments here, and I'm just baffled that I haven't picked up on this before.AERIAL AMAZES, CHAOS "SENTIMENTAL" Josh Hurst on Kate Bush and Sir Paul … [Read more...]

Director Michel Gondry’s latest, brilliant music video

Wow.When videos as wild as this one actually get produced, and as perfectly as this, well... it should just send other music video directors and bands home with their heads hanging. … [Read more...]

Jason Bortz talks Africa in The Other Journal

Jason Bortz, whose short documentary on aid to Africa called Scratching the Surface was recently in the spotlight at Christianity Today, has written a piece for The Other Journal about his experience. Check it out here. People have asked if it was difficult to take a film crew to Kenya to film a documentary dealing with the pandemic of AIDS and the seemingly ineffectual efforts of a handful of people to stem the tide of affliction and disease. Our documentary, Scratching the Surface; A Journey … [Read more...]

Coming soon: A new column! And reviews of Johnny Cash and Harry Potter

In Phase Three of my plans for world domination, this month I'll begin publishing a monthly column--Response onScreen--in SPU's online version of Response Magazine.I'll post the link when the first edition goes live near the end of November. It will focus on new big screen biopics--Capote, Good Night and Good Luck, and Walk the Line (which I'm seeing on Tuesday.)Early next week, I'll be catching that elusive train to Hogwarts to check out the latest film in the Harry Potter … [Read more...]

Coming Thursday: My review of "The Squid and the Whale" and a Bruce Cockburn concert review

Last night I saw one of the year's best films--The Squid and the Whale--which is a deeply saddening film about the consequences of divorce and joint custody on children.Noah Baumbach first got my attention in 1995 with a delightfully rowdy comedy about college and dating called Kicking and Screaming. He also co-wrote The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou for Wes Anderson. The guy has a thing for telling honest and poignant stories about love, ego, and broken families.Here, has brought to … [Read more...]