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Specials: PTC on Potter. GetReligion on Lewis. Apostrophes.

Thursday's specials:DEFENDING LEWIS Hooray for GetReligion, as they expose the bloodthirsty journalists trying to get their knives into C.S. Lewis. I'm confident that the "deeper magic" of Lewis's stories will rise up and conquer character assassinations.DEFENDING POTTER You've seen my review at Looking Closer's movie page. Now here's Chattaways' review. Sounds like we agree on most things. We'll continue to defend the boy against those Christian film critics who continue to condemn … [Read more...]

Which animated films are competing for Oscar?

Movie City News lists the competitors.Which film do you think deserves the Oscar? I think I'm leaning toward Wallace and Gromit, even though I prefer the story of Corpse Bride. And Howl's Moving Castle really is extraordinary to look at, even if it's not one of Miyazake's true masterpieces."Chicken Little" "Gulliver's Travel" "Hoodwinked" "Howl's Moving Castle" "Madagascar" "Robots" "Steamboy" "Tim Burton's Corpse Bride" "Valiant" "Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the … [Read more...]

Seattle’s Mars Hill Church and Pastor Mark Driscoll hurl outrageous accusations at the Catholic Church… from the pulpit

---THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED. Check out the input from Steven Greydanus.---... at least, that's the allegation made in a student editorial in SPU's student newspaper The Falcon on the issue of division within the church. If the student's report is accurate, well, I can only applaud.I've been reading Catholicism and Fundamentalism, by Karl Keating, and Evangelicalism is Not Enough, by Thomas Howard (who has long been one of my favorite writers), and both of them go a long way to showing … [Read more...]

Specials: Hopkins hoopla. Aslan music. Shopgirl. Image honored.

Wednesday specials:THIS YEAR'S DEMILLE Lecter will get some lovin'.DOES ASLAN HAVE A THEME? Listen to clips from the first Narnia soundtrack here!WALTER SEZ: GO SHOPPING! After stirring things up with his controversial post about Wendell Berry, now Adam Walter's stirring a different pot... he really liked Shopgirl!IMAGE ANTHOLOGIZED CONGRATULATIONS to Greg Wolfe and Image journal! You'll find the following news in their new Image Update. Every year, Image is proud to publish … [Read more...]