Archives for November 22, 2005

Specials: War ending. Quaid meditating. Narnia clip playing.

Tuesday's specialsTHE WAR IS OVER. Oprah... Dave. Dave... Oprah. I expect a talk-show troop withdrawl will follow straightaway.QUAID TALKS ABOUT HIS CHRISTIAN FAITH Meditation, he says, should be yours... mine... ours...."IT'S UNDERWHELMING!" "IT'S LESS THAN ORIGINAL!" Critics are raving about today's special sneak-preview clip of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. They're raving about how much it looks like footage from the video game, or a scene from The Return of the King in … [Read more...]

Harry Potter smackdown!

Over at Christianity Today Movies, it's time for this year's HARRY POTTER SMACKDOWN!It begins with the positive review of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at CT Movies, alongside an article called "Redeeming Harry Potter.".Then, the letters start pouring into the CT Mailbag.In this corner... Doug Kimbal! "Thanks for your thoughtful article, "Redeeming Harry Potter." As Christians, we should be quick to embrace/discern the good and to recognize/avoid the evil. Armed with such … [Read more...]

Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy rocks… Messiah College?

It must have been quite an event... a conference on Christianity and the arts, featuring Wilco's Jeff Tweedy!News of Delaware County documents these words from Tweedy: "Actually, I'm honored that you would invite me to your campus. I think a lot of Christians would consider me a blasphemer," Tweedy said before deadpanning, "I have a checkered past.""I think I should play 'Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down' now... not because I'm scared or anything," Tweedy joked after the song, before … [Read more...]