Archives for November 26, 2005

Specials: Depp’s "Libertine." Rocky 6. Narnia gifts. Millions. George R. R. Martin

Saturday's specials:I'm hoping Pride and Prejudice is the beginning of a turnaround for this movie year. In the next several days, I'll be seeing Woody Allen's Match Point, Andrew Adamson's The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Peter Jackson's King Kong, Michael Haneke's Cache (Hidden), and more. I have high hopes for all of them, but the way this year has been going, it wouldn't be a big surprise if each one of them disappointed."YOU WILL NOT LIKE ME." In the … [Read more...]

"Pride and Prejudice" won me over.

I had almost given up on the big screen this holiday season. Nothing's living up to the hype. Nothing's making me feel nine bucks was well invested.Well, here's one that does.Rosamund Pike, with very few lines, almost steals Pride and Prejudice from Keira Knightley.For one thing, in the role of Jane, the older sister in this family of girls-to-be-married-off, she wasn't overly made up like a supermodel like Knightley was in every scene. She remained a natural beauty, and one with a … [Read more...]