Archives for November 27, 2005

Who is Mr. Tumnus?

The Guardian interviews James McAvoy, who plays C.S. Lewis's loveable faun.Caution: The Guardian allows language that your typical U.S. newspaper would not. Reader discretion advised. … [Read more...]

A Few Holiday Sentiments from Over the Rhine

A few words from Over the Rhine: Hello from Ohio!Dear reader, we'll try to be brief. (Please don't hesitate to pass this info along to teachers, students, pets, friends, girlfriends, cousins, fledgling painters, sultry singers, young hitch-hikers off to unravel the world, listless little sisters, nursing mothers etc.)It's that time of year again. Come in out of the cold, peel off your scarves and hats and gloves and join us for warm nights packed with songs and words and the shared … [Read more...]