Archives for November 30, 2005

Half-Shot Contest #1

Welcome to Looking Closer Journals' first edition of HALF-SHOT, an occasional contest to make you really LOOK CLOSER at the movies.Here's how it works: I post half of a shot from one frame of a movie.Name the movie.What do you win if you're the first to post the right answer in the Comments? Eternal glory.Here we go... … [Read more...]

Top Five Spiritually Significant Films

What would you choose as the Top Five Spiritually Significant Films you've ever seen?The Arts and Faith board posted their top 100 recently.(I didn't vote in this process because I became increasingly baffled as to what "Spiritually Significant" meant to this particular group. When Apocalypse Now, or the films of Peter Weir, aren't considered "spiritually significant", I realize I must think very differently about the terms. To me, well, I think the label means: Films that move me, and … [Read more...]

Read it and weep: U2 and Arcade Fire onstage together…

Yep, that's Bono kneeling toward the right, smack in the middle of Arcade Fire.U2 and Arcade Fire played together last night, performing Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart."For those that were there, it must have been Thanksgiving all over again.For me, Thanksgiving is officially ended, unless someone can find me a recording of this performance. … [Read more...]