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Specials: Hand Puppet Theater does "Serenity"

Friday specials:GLOBAL WARMINGS Ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the long-awaited return of the President of the United States... Will Ferrell.MAL... THE PUPPET Maybe this version will finally win Serenity the respect it deserves.LARK NEWS STRIKES AGAIN Pastor wins "Most Relevant" award. … [Read more...]

Half Shot #3: A tougher one.

Okay, so the last one was solved far too quickly.Don't get cocky. Try this on. … [Read more...]

HALF-SHOT Contest #2

Congratulations again to Danny Walter... actor, screenwriter, U2 fan... for guessing right on exactly what famous punch was being thrown in that last Half-Shot.Unto Danny I bequeath ETERNAL GLORY.The winner of this round will be blessed with ULLLLLLTIMATE POWER. Or, as Palpatine put it, "ULLLLLLLLLLTIMATE POW-AH!!"Here it is.UPDATE: Levi Nunnink will be blessed with ULLLLLLTIMATE POWER for guessing Labyrinth. … [Read more...]

Half-Shot Winner #1: Danny Walter

Danny Walter guesses correctly... Raising Arizona.H.I.: What are you talkin' about, Glen?Glen: What am I talkin' about? I'm talkin' about sex boy ... I'm talkin' about l'amour! I'm talkin' that me and Dot are swingers, as in "to swing." I'm talkin' about wife swappin'. I'm talkin' about what they call nowadays open marriage. I'm talk...H.I.: [Knocks Glen to the ground with a punch] Keep your g-----n hands off my wife! … [Read more...]

Thursday specials: Austen, Awards, Depp, and… Babar?

Thursday's specials:AUSTEN AGAIN My full review (basically, an extended version of my blog entry) for Pride and Prejudice is up now at the Looking Closer movie page.THE AWARDS-MADNESS BEGINS The Awards season has really begun now. Capote (in my top ten, probably) and Murderball (still haven't seen it) picked up Gotham Awards. And The Constant Gardener (ehhh, didn't work for me) won a British Independent Award.A MUCH BETTER VERSION OF THE POTC2 PREVIEW Here's the Pirates of the … [Read more...]

Half-shot Contest #1, Stage Two

Okay, to heat things up a bit, this Half-Shot Contest is moving to STAGE TWO, revealing 3/4 of the image! … [Read more...]