Archives for December 9, 2005

Who should host the Oscars?

Chris Rock won't be invited back.Please, let us be spared another round with Whoopi Goldberg.Crystal's time is done. When was the last time he turned in a worthwhile performance in a film? And Steve Martin, as much as I love him, is clearly tired of investing in worthwhile comedy, wasting his skills on Cheaper by the Dozen 2.My dream would be Eddie Izzard, but too few people know who he is.John Stewart? Steven Colbert? That would be a hoot, but they really aren't Hollywood … [Read more...]

Chattaway & Greydanus weigh in on Narnia. And I get on the radio in SC.

UPDATE: Welcome to the Narnia Smackdown, a post that has provoked some of the most interesting comment-exchanges in this blog's little history.It begins with the soon-to-be-father of twins, Peter T. Chattway, and his review of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, here.Then, it continues as Steven D. Greydanus (gotta love those middle initials! Golly, I need one!) turns in what he calls "the most blistering B-plus review ever."My review of the film was first … [Read more...]