Archives for December 21, 2005

Specials: Amy Wellborn – Vigilant. Adam Walter – literate. Chewbacca – full of Christmas spirit. Teachout – thirsty for music.

Open Book, Amy Wellborn's blog, continues to be an essential stop on my daily tour, for her relentless vigilance. Here's one of the recent highlights, regarding mainstream media and faith.Other blog entries worth noting:Adam Walter discovers the new Mark Helprin Web site. I visited Adam last night at the fine bookseller where he works and packaged up a couple of gifts for my wife while we chatted. In spite of my love for the movie world, I greatly envy anyone who gets to spend all day in … [Read more...]

J. Robert Parks’ Top Ten Moviegoing Experiences of 2005

Looking Closer's frequent guest reviewer J. Robert Parks has just turned in his Top Ten Moviegoing Experiences of 2005, plus an alternate Top Ten Films of 2005 list. I've posted it at the Looking Closer movie page.Parks gets to see a much wider variety of films per year than I do, so I always find a lot in his list that helps guide my DVD-watching in the coming year. I think you will too. … [Read more...]