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Specials: Defending Munich. Chesterton’s blog. Chattaway on Cassanova and Munich. London Critics.

Friday specials:DEFENDING MUNICH Here's a forceful, well-composed defense of Steven Spielberg's Munich, which I think is his most restrained, mature, and challenging film since... oh... 1987's Empire of the Sun. (It's at Salon, so if you don't subscribe, just click and watch the brief advertisement so you can get access to the whole article.) This one's going in my Top Ten of 2005.G.K. CHESTERTON ... THE BLOG If Chesterton was blogging today, he'd be my first Web stop of the day. … [Read more...]

Fifteen performances from 2005 that made a difference.

I'm not ready to deliver a Top Ten Films of 2005 yet. There are several key candidates I'll be seeing for the first time in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned. I'll publish the list on December 31st, when 2005 really is ending and the buzzer sounds. Then I'll publish a revised list sometime around the end of January when the last heavy hitters of 2005 have become available in Seattle. (All of these folks publishing their top tens... have they really seen all of the key players already? … [Read more...]