Archives for December 31, 2005

New NBC Show Stars a Buddy Christ, Written by "Recovering Catholic."

If a show about Muslims were written by sarcastic evangelicals who liked to poke fun at Islam, can you imagine the cultural outcry across America? That show would be shot down so fast, you wouldn't have time to say "politically incorrect!"Now, imagine a show in which Jesus himself is a regular character who pals around with a priest. Imagine it's written by "a recovering Catholic" who is apparently very interested in the idea of reincarnation, and who thinks a lot of the "myth" surrounding … [Read more...]

The Chicago Film Critics Nominations

As these critical nominations roll out this year, there's far more love for King Kong than I ever expected. Here are the nominations by the Chicago Film Critics... one of the groups that don't seem to be hasty, waiting until most of the 2005 films have arrived and had time to sink in. … [Read more...]

Rod Dreher on "Brokeback Mountain"

Rod Dreher on "Brokeback Mountain" True, the men begin their doomed affair in a time and place where homosexuality was viciously suppressed, and so they suffer from social constrictions that make it difficult to master their own fates. But it is also true that both men are overgrown boys who waste their lives searching for something they've lost, and which might be irrecoverable. They are boys who refuse to become men, or to be more precise, do not, for various reasons, have the wherewithal to … [Read more...]

After seeing it twice, I’ve posted my full review of "Brokeback Mountain."

I finally got tired of reading the debates and the diatribes. I sat myself down and watched the film twice in one week. And I wrote a review that was ten pages long.Then, deciding that I wanted at least one person to read it, I did a severe edit.Here's my in-depth... but hopefully not insufferable... review of Brokeback Mountain. … [Read more...]

Thoughts on future Narnia films

I'm engrossed in editing Auralia's Colors this weekend, and working on my Top 25 of 2005.But in the meantime... Jeffrey,I think it has been proved that The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe has enough legs that a sequel will be made and since you have already posed the question of who might direct future films, I think an interesting question to pose to your readers would be which of the remaining books should or will actually be made into movies. At least I would find that discussion … [Read more...]