Archives for January 4, 2006

Specials: Wong at Cannes. Vote against Pedro. Chattaway’s Top 10. "New World" cut. "Pan’s Labyrinth." "Horror porn." "Scanner Darkly." "Fateless."

Wednesday's specals:President of this year's Cannes Film Festival jury... Wong Kar-wai! Fantastic. This should make for some very interesting choices. Can't wait to see who else is on the jury. (Thanks, Opus, for the link.)No more Pedro the Lion. Please welcome... David Bazan! It was bound to happen. Bazan's dropped the band name, officially declared himself a solo artist.Peter Chattaway and Roy Anker post contrary top ten lists at Books and Culture I like titles on both lists. I … [Read more...]

Looking Closer is Back in The Seattle Times!

Somehow, I missed Sunday's edition of The Seattle Times, and didn't find out until today that the Pacific Northwest Magazine again ran an update on my doings at Looking Closer...Thanks to Richard Seven for doing the follow-up story!(If you missed the original cover story, check it out here.) … [Read more...]

Pick up a copy of LensWork!

A close friend of mine, who also happens to be one of my favorite photographers, is getting extraordinary honors this month.A portfolio of Fritz Liedtke's work is featured in the new issue of LensWork. And one of the images from his exhibit "Welcome to Wonderland," a collection of images exploring the strange and unstable land of adolescence, is on the cover.LensWork is one of the top fine art photography magazines. Its reproductions are museum-book quality, having won numerous … [Read more...]