Archives for January 20, 2006

"The New World": What Got Cut, What Was Added, What Will Be On the Expanded DVD?

F.X. Feeney answers the nagging questions about the theatrical version of The New World ... and teases us with news about the upcoming DVD... news that has made me stand up and rejoice.(Thanks to GreenCine Daily, of course, for the link...) … [Read more...]

Gaffney on "Scrubs"

My friend Sean Gaffney has a window on screenwriting in Hollywood that gives him unique insights on the industry, so I'm thrilled to see him blogging.Too bad he started out by defending King Kong.Oh well, anyway... THIS week he's highlighting something that happened on "Scrubs," and it makes me very sorry I missed the show. … [Read more...]

My review of Terrence Malick’s "The New World"

I worked on this review until 1 a.m., got up at 5 a.m. and kept working on it. Then, realizing I had 2,500 words, I had to cut it back to the word-limit: 1,500.I didn't quite make it.So it's likely that, in the haze of my sleep deprivation, I may have missed a thing or two.But anyway, here is it is... my review of the I love the most from the past year, maybe two... … [Read more...]

The Catholic Report on Brian Flemming’s Claims That Jesus Didn’t Exist

Brian Flemming continues his campaign to explain to the world why he's positive that Jesus never existed. And The Catholic Report is there to document his progress.It's funny, the timing of this project. It seems like we're seeing every possible attack on Christ's credibility (or existence) at once, as if audiences will be happy to accept any alternatives to the truth, even if those alternatives contradict each other entirely.(via Mark Shea, of course) … [Read more...]

Adam Walter Really, Really Doesn’t Like the Narnia Film

Walter rants. So anyway, yes, I finally got out and saw Narnia. What a waste of time. It's one of the few really boring films of 2005. It's hard to say all of what went wrong--I don't have the time or enthusiasm to compile such a list, frankly. For some reason, the filmmakers felt a need to deviate from Lewis' story on a multitude of details regarding plot, dialogue, setting, character & motivation. Nearly every scene loses its way in a muddle of unnecessary confusion. This was as much a … [Read more...]